05 January, 2011

That Day at The Conch Awards - Take Two

Two young sound guys complimented on my career and, about to walk away, one glanced down at my new, shiny, Italian fawn leather shoes I had bought for the occasion; 'cool shoes, Ted' ..One of the best compliments of the night.

And, the cab driver, waiting all night after bringing us from home to the depths of Soho, clocked my silver Conch at well past midnight and said, 'it was worth waiting for, Mr. Ted'....

That Day at The Conch Awards

After getting the award, I was sneaking a looksee at the PA sound mix booth where they were heandling a ten piece LA band (rather well, too).  Suddenly, the head of Dolby UK touched me on the shoulder and said 'ah Ted - I see we haven't quite retired, have we?'